Treehouse Paediatrics & Alicia Huddy Art Colouring Competition

Click the download button to get a copy of the colouring page

treehouse mural.jpg

To celebrate the new mural at Treehouse Paediratics we have made a colouring competition to keep little hands busy during the school holidays. 

SUBMIT your entry in the following ways:
1. Place it in the box marked 'Colouring Competiton' located in the reception at Treehouse Paediatrics
2. Email to
3. Post a photograph of the entry to Facebook or Instagram tagging both Treehouse Paediatrics and Alicia Huddy Art

Please submit your entry before April 24th, 1:00PM  
Winner will be drawn at random April 24th, 3:00PM

Treehouse and Alicia Huddy Art Colouring Competition Download.......jpg